To be a world class prompt, tailored-meet, innovative Renovation and Maintenance Services Provider of choice in Sub-Saharan Africa.


To continually improve maintenance perception with affordable and quality delivery of renovation & maintenance services within Health and Safety Standards using modern and indigenous technological know-how of all labour.


  • Prompt Response Confidentiality of Clients
  • Diligent Planning
  • Creativity & Efficiency


It is the policy of CRACKS ‘N’ FLOWS NIG LTD that its operations should be carried out in such a way as to ensure health and safety of work environments, security of its employees and all relevant stakeholders likely to be affected by its operations, including sub-contractors, clients and general public, while that same dedication will be shown to the protection and conservation of the environment.

All HSE related hazards shall be identified and evaluated and efforts will be made to ensure that the effects of such hazards are completely eliminated or reduced to the barest minimum.This policy is the direct responsibility of our senior management who are accountable to the board of directors for the overall implementation of its policy.Within CRACKS ‘N’ FLOWS NIG LTD Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES) is a line management responsibility for which individuals will be held and it is recognized that implementations by line management of the policy will lead to greater efficiency and higher standards through all departments within the company.It is the duty of all employees to take reasonable care of their own safety, and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omission. CRACKS ‘N’ FLOWS NIG LTD is committed to work within the regulations and codes of practices laid down by decrees and governmental orders and liaise closely with all government departments and clients as well as professional and academic bodies to ensure improvements of all safety regulations.It is the company’s policy to sustain the appropriate training for all personnel to ensure that company’s procedures and governmental regulations are known and observed.Sub-contractors working for or on behalf of CRACKS ‘N’ FLOWS NIG LTD will be required to work to the same policies and standards as CRACKS ‘N’ FLOWS NIG LTD.

CRACKS ‘N’ FLOWS NIG LTD is a strong advocate of field work, where the real action is.It is a common knowledge to find hardworking staff employees of CNF undertaking important roles under the heat of the sun, or getting wet during rainy season. Fairness is our guiding principle. Satisfaction of clients, welfare and benefits of employees, trust of banks, lending institutions and suppliers, confidence of associates, loyalty to friends and partners, respect of competitions, payment of obligations and support of government programs are our continuing commitment to the construction industry.

The company has contributed immensely to the development of the building/construction industry in Nigeria by way of providing trainings to individuals and students from our Universities and Polytechnics at various levels as well as providing jobs to skilled and unskilled citizens.

Over 4 years of its corporate existence, CRACKS ‘N’ FLOWS NIG LTD has recorded remarkable achievements in its service delivery to its clients and customers especially in the Construction and Real Estate Sector. This feat is as a result of the commitment of our qualified and experienced technical and management crew who ensure that our policy of Quality Service Delivery to standards is realized and maintained.

CRACKS ‘N’ FLOWS NIG LTD has four main operating divisions:

  • Minor works and refurbishments
  • Reactive facilities maintenance
  • Health and Safety in the Environment
  • Facilities and insource management

We have been engaged in the renovation of residential and industrial buildings, erection of architectural / Structural Steel Works, fabrication and installation of architectural aluminum structures, General supply of Steel and Aluminum materials & accessories, conceptual design solutions to Architectural / Structural Steel and Aluminum problems, construction of Petrol Station Canopy, Designed metal gates, embossed Bulletproof doors, Fire-Panic exit doors, Fire-rated and Bulletproof doors, Functional Burglary proof systems, Remote controlled gate systems, steel safes, Bankers Treasury Safes, Steel Vault doors, Security Grills and Gates, Wrought Iron Works and Aluminum Roofing works under the umbrella of the parent company – BANKSEN NIGERIA LIMITED which has been in professional practise for the past 35 years. CRACKS ‘N’ FLOWS NIG LTD is in partnership with foreign based companies e.g ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE LIMITED whose major activities are in HSE (Safety) services. With the trend of technological growth in the system, we ensure that our work team is trained and retrained to keep pace with developments in the industry. The firm believes and encourages the in-depth development of functional planning which encompasses the long-range goals and objectives of our clients, regardless of the type, size and scope of project.



  • Ensure that standard operating procedures are followed in every area of our operation.
  • To offer innovative and economical design services while maintaining state of the-art-design technology.
  • To ensure that all material input in our projects meet required standards as specified by local and international standard organization e.g NSO, ISO, BS etc.
  • Provide incentives to motivate the workforce by creating good working environment and attractive remuneration.
  • Provide on the job training and retraining for staff to improve on their work performances and also keep pace with trends of development in the industry.
  • Ensure that all quality control equipment are in good working condition at all times.
  • To ensure optimization of project cost within a relatively short project duration.


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